An IT company that bets everything on the success of its clients.
We support and facilitate the digital processes of technological projects.

Business Ideas

We make ideas come true.
And with our solutions and advice, the larger goals will be easier to achieve.
With ResizE, anything is possible.

Updates & Support

We are always present to guarantee the functionality of the projects carried out. We are a team and we are part of the global team that is us and our customers.

Flexible & modular

We construct in a modular way, integrating the components in a unique system, allowing to obtain the flexibility, speed and connectivity that a complex structure needs.

About Us...

We are an Information Technology and Software Engineering Company.

With a multi-disciplinary team that covers all technological areas, from software, hardware, networking and design.

We are focused on our customers during the entire project process, using the advantages of the latest market technologies.
Have your systems integrated and up-to-the-minute.
We network to ensure success for us all.

We create and improve search queries on social networks and search engines so our customers are number "1".

ResizE: A smart choice.


wireframing and planning

Our models use the most advanced computing standars and the project planning always meet the times and values expected by our costumers.

super clean code

Our code and our developing structure is well documented and will help anyone to understand the work that is under the hood.

Responsive web design

Responsiveness is the core of any project. We must ensure that all parts of the projects run independently of the platform were they are created.

dedicated support team

We have a support team that is more than an helpdesk. We are friends who help each other. That concept is our philosofy.

Amazing Presentation

Our presentations, lectures and formations are focused on a user based experience. All of our data and knowledge are transported to our clients.

award winning service

We have a very global familiar service. All that are related to the projects are part of a whole that thrives the same destination: success. All are important in the tasks entrusted.
Satisfied Clients
Cups of Coffee
Lines of Code
Projects Completed


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